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Did you know that
traditional web design is broken?

Traditional mindset views the website as simply a pretty brochure without established goals. Just a necessary cost for the company.

In contrast, we believe that your website is an asset tied to concrete goals of your business. So money spent on web strategy, design and optimizations is an investment that will pay back over time.

A successful website is

Growth driven

Properly planned and constantly improved it produces reliable and stable growth for your business.

Customer centric

Based on the understanding of users behaviors it provides the experience they expect.

Easy to update

It gives you the ability to add and modify content with ease so that you can work more efficiently.

Standing out

It is created to reflect and amplify your brand style and impress your users.


58% of all searches in Google are now done from a mobile device.

Data driven

It collects actual user data and is continuously improved based on them.

Your path to success

Review your existing website and analyze its metrics.
Define your business goals and the best way to achieve them.
Design and build a website based on a prepared strategy.
How to get
100% more
Tweak your strategy and optimize the website accordingly.
Collect real user data and analyze your website performance.
Fill your website with irresistibly helpful content to build trust.

Our customers say

  • “I highly recommend GravityOwl! Since the website redesign, we have seen a steady increase in organic traffic.”
    Katarzyna Mierzejewska
    Co-Founder at TUS Szkolenia
  • “GravityOwl did an amazing job redesigning our website, which is now more attractive and perfectly represents our networking activities as a cluster.”
    Theresa Dörres
    Head of Technology & Sustainability Management
  • “I am very satisfied and happy. Project management is very professional and everything happens within a few days. Great!”
    Lars Schmitt
    Founder at Coating Radar

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